Keeping patients connected with a safe and convenient telemedicine solution

Alante Hybrid Healthcare

Alanté™, a virtual healthcare solution, continues focusing the need for patient care through telemedicine during a pandemic where there is a 13% positive test rate of the Delta variant in Maricopa County.

Consumers as well as professionals appreciate the benefits of telehealth which, practically overnight, became a current practice mode. Alanté can deliver care and stay connected with their providers in a digital environment. Virtual healthcare offers an easy method to receive care at the beginning of the pandemic, and it now offers a chance to reinvent virtual and hybrid care models.

Alanté’s technology offer includes:

  • Personal health record which keeps a complete, dynamic and up-to-date health record between patients and their providers.
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine offering solutions for easy and seamless virtual visits for patients and providers.
  • Chronic care management provides care coordination services for patients with chronic conditions from the comfort of home.
  • We have delayed this service with goal by EOY. Palliative care provides care plans between all providers for improved management of symptoms.

This virtual healthcare solution creates proficiencies including more productive telemedicine visits, improved quality metrics, less acute exacerbations or medical events for patients, reduction in hospitalizations, as well as improved patient adherence to the physician’s care plan.

“Telehealth is becoming more embedded into the standard care management process,” said Carrie Wheeler, CEO of Alanté. “With COVID resurfacing, there is even a greater appreciation for the convenience and safety of telehealth”.

While some healthcare professionals have reverted to only having an in-person option, many are opting to keep the virtual alternative.  Consumers have now experienced the advantages of telehealth, and many will continue looking for professionals who offer that accessibility long-term.

About Alanté

Alanté is an integrated virtual healthcare solution built to enrich the patient/physician relationship and experience. Alanté officially launched in 2021 as part of established operations that are centered on the administration and operation of inpatient, home and community-based healthcare services, with an overall goal of improving continuity of care while focusing on the evidence- based outcomes across the spectrum of services. .  To learn more, visit our website:


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