Alanté: An Integrated Healthcare Solution for Providers

We are determined to improve the physician/patient experience by coordinating and simplifying patient care, virtually, in the comfort of your home.

Managing healthcare can be very complicated and time-consuming for patients and their families. Alanté simplifies the healthcare experience. Our providers engage with patients under the guidance of their physician through our easy-to-use technological interface, coordinated through Alanté’s healthcare coordinators.

And with the personal health record (PHR), the patient, family and the providers all have access to the pertinent healthcare information necessary to help the patient achieve the best possible outcome. This includes: the patient/physician care plan, medications, pertinent hospital visit information, physician orders and doctor’s appointments all communicated and available to the PCP, patient, and family. The PHR is the hub of our spectrum of services, integrating with the PCP’s medical record, creating better outcomes, reducing burdensome healthcare costs, reducing adverse events and saving lives. The PHR helps physicians provide and their patients receive the best and most efficient care possible.

Alanté is more than just a telemedicine and remote patient monitoring service. We bring value by simplifying and improving the physician/patient care experience, virtually, throughout the patients’ lives.

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Our Spectrum of Services

Personal Health Record

Keeping a complete, dynamic and up-to-date health record between patients and their providers. Through the Alanté PHR, all the patient’s healthcare services are documented and accessible for clear and consistent communication among patients, providers and their families.

Telehealth/ Telemedicine

Offering cost-effective solutions for easy, seamless virtual visits for patients and their providers.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Providing care coordination services for patients with chronic conditions from the comfort of home.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

At-home monitoring of patients medical condition using digital biometric technology.  

Palliative Care

Coordinating care plans between all providers for better quality of life and management of symptoms .

Why Providers Are Choosing Alanté.

Alanté brings simple but advanced processes, systems and the technological infrastructure to assist providers in achieving the best outcome for their patients while reducing burdensome healthcare costs.

Here are some Alanté benefits: 

  • Collection and integration of patient health information across care providers: PCP, specialists, hospital, all post-acute care, in-clinic care, chronic care management and remote patient monitoring, on an open standards platform
  • PHR solves communication problems faced by patients, families and providers
  • Improved patient compliance with medically necessary visits in the clinic and at home
  • Improved patient adherence to medically necessary physician visits in the clinic and at home
  • Convenient access to patient changes in condition and prescribing care while reviewing real-time patient data and information
  • Improved communication with patient, increasing physician loyalty and patient satisfaction scores
  • Improved adherence and patient engagement to physician care plan, resulting in improved patient outcomes
  • Assistance in managing patients with complex medical conditions who are at the greatest risk of hospital readmission

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