Alanté®: An Integrated Healthcare Solution

Alanté® is a primary care provider that specializes in preventive healthcare and chronic illness management through a medical home model. Blending physicians, nurse practitioners, and technology, we provide extensive and efficient care delivery across inpatient and outpatient healthcare services. We contract with physicians, ACOs, DCEs and Medicare Advantage Plans to close the gap to improve clinical documentation, clinical outcomes, and efficient care delivery. As a mobile practice, we provide primary care services in the home and all other living situations.

Our unparalleled expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive longitudinal care for the chronically ill
  • Robust preventive wellness programs including annual wellness visits, transitional care management visits, home health, and hospice care plan oversight, advanced care planning, chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, ABI’s, SNF evaluation and management visits
  • Transitional care management after discharge from a hospital or SNF
  • Readmission, emergency department and observation prevention programs
    Medical home model led by board-certified nurse practitioners
  • Nurse practitioner-driven palliative care programs
  • Improved CMS-HCC/RAF documentation to drive long-term preventative wellness supported by quality documentation and coding
  • Improved patient compliance with required physician follow-up visits in the clinic.
  • More timely access to patient changes in condition and prescribing care while reviewing real-time patient data and information
  • Improved communication with patient, increasing physician loyalty and patient satisfaction scores
  • Closing ACO, DCE and Medicare Advantage quality measure gaps
  • Utilization oversight
  • 24/7 care coordination across “Medical Neighborhood” and immediate access to PCP

How Alanté® Benefits Payors and Payviders1

  • Improved medical HCC/RAF documentation identifying all active diagnoses with corresponding long-term care plan supported by MEAT documentation
  • Substantial reduction in unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency department visits and hospital readmissions
  • Improved Medicare Star and HEDIS ratings
  • Improved patient adherence rates, improved population health and lowered healthcare costs for the plan and the patient
  • Primary care and specialist physician coordination to ensure all necessary follow up visits occur

1. A payvider is payor + provider partnership formed to lower costs and improve coordination and patient outcomes. Alanté is an ideal fit for these types of organizations because it provides tools to facilitate efficient coordination between the payor and provider.

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