Alanté: An Integrated Virtual Healthcare Solution

Alanté uses healthcare coordinators in combination with technology on an open standards platform that unifies services in one easy-to-use system. This ensures collaboration between payors and providers. The personal health record (PHR) offers close monitoring of patients, resulting in reduced ER visits, fewer hospitalizations and overall better outcomes. Alanté allows payors the opportunity to improve care management, promote better wellness, increase patient engagement and improve overall adherence to care plans.

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How Alanté Benefits Payors and Payviders1

  • Improved Medicare star and HEDIS ratings
  • Unified and integrated chronic care, remote patient monitoring, telehealth, population health, senior care, in-clinic care, in-hospital care and other post-acute care on a seamless, open-standards platform
  • Patient-generated health data and information easily collected and added to the EMR
  • Improved quadruple aim quality scores
  • Stronger adherence rates, improving population health and lowering healthcare costs per capita
  • Alanté’s connected care solutions allow real-time tracking of members, with alerts to keep high-risk patients out of the ER and hospital
  • No setup fees for the health plan, physician or patient
  • Personal healthcare coordinator assigned to each patient, with integrated personal health records for patients at no cost to payor or payvider outside of normal and medically necessary primary care physician visits

1. A payvider is payor + provider partnership formed to lower costs and improve coordination and patient outcomes. Alanté is an ideal fit for these types of organizations because it provides tools to facilitate efficient coordination between the payor and provider.

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