Alanté touts benefits of integrated technology platform that can lead to favorable health outcomes while allowing patients to have virtual in-home visits

Improving Quality of Life with Alanté

Alanté Extends Quality of Life with Virtual Healthcare

Alanté™, a recently launched integrated virtual healthcare solution, wants seniors and vulnerable patients to be able to stay at home when seeing a doctor.

… People are often better off in their home or community …

“When caring for seniors and similarly susceptible patients, one of the biggest missteps we see is removing the patient from their home, and out of the community where they have all of their community connections,” said Alanté founder Mark Hansen. “Families and loved ones usually have done so in the name of safety and perceived care, but the reality we see is that people are often better off in their home or community. Technology allows for medical care and adherence to health and treatment plans with consistent check-ins from concerned family and friends.”

The company is encouraging the use of virtual healthcare and telemedicine/telehealth to provide positive and favorable healthcare outcomes for seniors, including extending quality-of-life experiences without them having to leave their home or community. Additionally, companies such as Alanté allow for patients in need of chronic care management or rehabilitation from a major medical event to use the virtual capacities to lessen the negative impacts and stress of doctors’ visits or logistical limitations.

Technology has advanced to such a degree that access to care from a physician does not require a traditional doctor’s office visit and can reduce unnecessary tension for vulnerable patients having to consider travel logistics, complex medical systems or institutions, and the current global pandemic.

In addition to his role with the virtual healthcare company, Hansen serves in a CEO capacity to both Santé, which comprises short-term nursing and rehabilitation facilities with four locations around the Phoenix Metro Area, and Encore Communities, which comprises retirement and healthcare communities with six campuses in Washington state.

With access to a dedicated Alanté healthcare coordinator and 24/7 care available using mobile, tablet or computer devices capable of videoconferencing, patients can build relationships and comfort levels while getting assistance in navigating a perplexing medical system. Alanté also incorporates and maintains patients’ personal health records, giving healthcare providers full visibility into patients’ detailed medical history and other key elements to provide them the best possible care.

Alante offers a wide variety of virtual care for its patients, all coordinated by our healthcare coordinators:

  • Personal Health Record – coordinates and provides healthcare providers with compiled, accurate and up-to-date patient health records collected across different platforms
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine – allows patients with limited mobility transportation or time to be in control of their health from their home
  • Chronic Care Management – provides care coordination services for patients with chronic conditions from the comfort of home
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – gives providers the ability to monitor patients remotely, using peripheral devices to collect biometric data like vital signs, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and electrocardiograms
  • Palliative Care – provides symptom management and comfort care regarding any serious illness in conjunction with physicians’ treatment plans


About Alanté

Alanté is an integrated virtual healthcare solution built to enrich the patient/physician relationship and experience. Alanté officially launched in 2021 as part of established operations that are centered on the administration and operation of inpatient, home and community-based healthcare services, with an overall goal of improving continuity of care while focusing on the best outcomes for all.

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