Primary Care In Your Home

Alanté® primary care providers will come see you in the comfort of your home. We understand how difficult it is to go and see your doctor so, as an extension of your physician, we can see you in the comfort of your home. From healthcare screenings to just simple immediate doctor needs, we are there to help you at home and in your home. We will coordinate, communicate and follow your needs with your physician.

Primary Care In Depth

Our nurse practitioners work as an extension of your care team. We help you develop a robust medical home model practice through annual wellness visits, transitional care management visits, chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, annual screenings, palliative care, and in-home visits, in addition to our hospitalization and hospital readmission avoidance program. We are experts in managing chronically ill patients to ensure they receive the best care while avoiding unnecessary costs. Our team is available to your patients to coordinate their care 24/7. We can also integrate with your systems to ensure continuity of your patient’s health information, helping to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on your patients. Finally, we will help improve your quality measures!

The benefits of creating a medical home practice with the assistance of Alanté® include:

  • Expansion of your practice in a difficult labor market
  • Collection, coordination and integration of patient health information across care providers: PCP, specialists, hospital, home health, hospice, skilled nursing, senior housing, in-clinic care, chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, on an open standards platform
  • Improved patient compliance with required follow-up visits in the clinic.
  • More timely access to patient changes in condition and prescribing care while reviewing real-time patient data and information
  • Improved communication with patient, increasing physician loyalty and patient satisfaction scores
  • Improved patient outcomes by closing the care gap of your most vulnerable pateints
  • Assistance in managing patients with complex medical conditions who are at the greatest risk of decomposition or hospital readmission
  • An “eyes on target” presence within a skilled nursing facilities, home health, hospice, palliative care and senior care communities
  • Quick response to patient needs when you may not be available
  • A thorough knowledge of etiologies, risk factors, pathophysiology, and acute/chronic conditions
  • Ordering, performing, and interpreting of diagnostic tests
  • Independent malpractice coverage through Alanté®
  • Increased cost-effectiveness for care
  • Decreased complications of patient conditions and subsequent hospitalizations and hospital readmissions

Alanté® NPs undergo thorough vetting for clinical knowledge and for alignment within appropriate facilities. They also complete competency validations and re-evaluations at the 30, 60, and 90 day tenure periods.

Alanté® also welcomes your feedback and input as you become acquainted with your partner NPs.

Primary Care Benefits for Patients

For patients, Alanté® primary care NPs provide more direct and effective access to care. Whether visits in-home, in a senior care community, or via telehealth, Alanté® NPs partner with physicians and patients to increase the quality of care. With Alanté®, your personal health record (PHR) provides simple and coordinated access to your care plan for your family, doctor, and everyone on your healthcare team.

Our primary care patients can expect:

  • In-home and telehealth visits
  • Seamless communication and coordination with your healthcare providers
  • Convenient access to your personal health record by you, your family, and your healthcare team
  • 24/7 access to a healthcare professional via telephone or video chat to assist you with health-related questions
  • Improved coordination between your primary care physicians and specialists, hospitals, and other inpatient and outpatient settings
  • Wellness and prevention services, promoting better health outcomes
  • Empowerment, education, and coaching to help you achieve the best outcome under your physician-driven personalized care plan
  • Medication management and reconciliation
  • Reduction in your out-of-pocket healthcare costs
  • Automatic and intuitive remote patient monitoring tools to reduce the risk of hospitalization
  • Services covered by most insurance plans (applicable co-pays and or deductibles may apply)

Alanté® primary care services are led by teams of advanced nurse practitioners. Working in the home, these NPs assess, diagnose, treat, and evaluate patients in accordance with their physician’s plan of care. Through thorough coordination with physicians, our NPs serve as a more immediate resource for patients, closely monitoring changes in conditions and avoiding adverse events.

How Alante Works

Primary Care Benefits for Family

For families, we assist you to coordinate your family members care plan with the doctors, specialists, nurses, and other providers so that you can experience peace of mind. Alanté® primary care services provide another layer of protection for your loved ones. Our mobile NPs provide access to immediate care when your family member cannot get to their physician. We assist with the ongoing care needs of your loved one, wherever they may be.

Under the direction of your loved one’s physician, Alanté® nurse practitioners and care coordinators will:

  • In home and telehealth visits
  • Coordinate the physician care plan across the care team
  • Provide and maintain a personal health record connecting the care team – family, patient, and doctor(s) to the plan of care for your loved one
  • Empower, education, and coach your loved one to help them achieve the best outcome under the physician-driven personalized care plan
  • Assist in the advanced care planning process
  • Manage medications and their adherence
  • Monitor changes in conditions and administer early intervention best practices
  • Reduce the likelihood of adverse events

Alanté® health professionals understand the integral role of families in the care process. Working with you and your loved one––under the direction of physician care planning––our NPs deliver optimal health outcomes that support families.

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