Personal Health Record (PHR)

The personal health record (PHR) is central to Alanté’s spectrum of services. It is, quite simply, the solution for almost every communication problem faced in healthcare.

The PHR gives everyone involved in a patient’s care plan—the patient, family and PCP—a summary of all physician orders, hospital events, medications and doctors’ appointments in one central location.

Alanté’s healthcare coordinators keep PHRs up to date, making the process of connecting patients and providers seamless.

PHR In Depth

Provider Benefits

Providers need access to accurate and up-to-date patient information so that they can confidently deliver the best care. The PHR makes this a reality.

The PHR provides a dynamic, current and accurate status of each patient’s overall wellness and progress.

The PHR minimizes potential miscommunications between provider and patient that could result in poor outcomes or adverse events for the patient.

In addition, providers don’t have to replace their current EMR system, because Alanté integrates with their existing systems.

The PHR give providers access to improved metrics for CMS reporting, more efficient and effective billing, a comprehensive medical profile of patients, assistance in managing complex patients and a higher rate of adherence to care plans.

Care coordinators keep the PHR up to date so providers can be confident they’re working with the most accurate patient information available.

The PHR also eases the challenge of communicating effectively with family and other providers.

Patient Benefits

Patients gain access to convenient care, experience a closer relationship with their doctors, and receive consistent feedback from a personal care coordinator regarding their health. Patients and their families are provided with a comprehensive view of their health and care plan. The result is increased peace of mind and improved quality of life.

Family Benefits

The PHR gives families peace of mind with real-time, updated information about their loved one’s health. The PHR informs families about the health of their loved one and alerts them to any change in medications or hospitalizations. The PHR documents physician orders, medications, labs and appointments.

Alanté reduces the risk of adverse events, relieves the stress placed on families and creates better outcomes for patients.

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