Palliative Care

For patients with serious illnesses, Alanté coordinates and manages palliative care solutions that relieve stress and pain––for both patients and their families. By coordinating with doctors, caregivers, and skilled nurses trained in palliative care, Alanté works in tandem with all forms of healthcare to efficiently deliver palliative care that alleviates the suffering of patients.

Through Alanté’s personal health records (PHRs), all involved medical personnel and caregivers are kept in sync regarding patient progress. By uniting all parties around our patients, Alanté palliative care provides solace during difficult times.

Palliative Care Provider Benefits

  • Closer patient relationships
  • Assistance in managing complex patients
  • Centralized medical profiles of patients
  • Improved adherence to patient care plans

Palliative Care Patient Benefits

  • Skillful management of symptoms
  • Rapid response by nurse practitioners
  • Patient and family education related to your conditions
  • Improved quality of life
  • Convenient access to custodial care and healthcare
  • Timely, closer relationships with PCPs
  • Increased face time with PCPs
  • Reduction in healthcare costs

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