Where can we be most impactful for your patients?

Our ideas and offerings were born out of a need to serve vulnerable populations—those that are failing to thrive, that face multiple health conditions over a long period of time.

As a company, we aim to provide a healthier approach to healthcare—one that eases the burden for patients, their families and physicians in a system packed with constraints. We exist to create a better patient experience that improves interaction and adherence.

What does that mean in the practical sense? How can our spectrum better serve patients, their families and the medical practice, realistically achieving a healthier standard of living (and working) for the physician/patient relationship?

Speaking to the everyday lives of the people we serve, Alanté®’s spectrum of services fills a comprehensive void for all parties.

Telehealth/Telemedicine: The technology used for virtual visits with a medical professional is not new. It has been increasing year-over-year, and 2020 has seen increased adoption from all sides. The market will continue to see growth in the sector, and aligning the technology with existing systems will aid in improving both the experience as well as levels of care.

Alanté® and our team of healthcare coordinators deliver unique navigation strategies and ensure adherence regarding better use of telehealth and/or telemedicine as a technology. Interfacing with patients through technology allows the opportunity of lowering the per-visit cost. In order to maximize this efficiency, patients must be ushered to the proper and most appropriate healthcare provider. Our combination of technology and healthcare coordinators, available 24/7, will result in a reduction of unnecessary ER visits and rehospitalizations, easing the strain on patients as well as the often-overburdened medical system.

Chronic Care Management (CCM): That fact that some patients face various conditions over a long period of time can often create impediments that are difficult to address in real time by providers and caregivers.

Increased access to care, commitment to a care plan and coordinating information among providers are all vital steps for success in long-term heath. Alanté® healthcare coordinators will help monitor wellness and prevention services as part of a designated care plan, and assist in managing prescriptions and medications as two steps to improve a complex patient’s quality of life.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): The ability to monitor a patient from his or her home and collect real-time data in the patient’s most comfortable setting allows physicians and healthcare providers to develop a tailored, more effective health plan. RPM provides medical and healthcare providers the ability to identify changes in the conditions of the patients.

Our connected care solutions allow real-time monitoring of members’ health status, with alerts to keep high-risk patients out of the ER and hospital.

Personal Health Record (PHR): An Alanté® healthcare coordinator is assigned to each patient/family to integrate and engage with a PHR. This record bridges the gaps in accessibility to their medical information that patients experiencing an adverse event often fall victim to when a provider does not have the historical picture. It empowers the patient and their family members to work with members of the Alanté® team to better coordinate important details about medical history, medications and care plans regarding the required medical specialist and/or healthcare facilities.

Palliative Care:

Trust is inherently part of our spectrum of services. Our company was built to help patients who are experiencing challenging health-related events that could result in increased hospitalizations or emergency room visits to reverse their course. The technology we’ve refined is making the patient/physician relationship a better one, with better adherence and results.

Important Visitor, Family & Patient Updates Regarding COVID-19