In a growing digital world faced with schedule conflicts and ongoing pandemic challenges, virtual healthcare convenience is vital. Telemedicine utilizes advances in tech by offering clinical services to patients over the phone or computer. This virtual care allows patients to get the help they need without an in-person visit. Frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions and medication, these appointments are provided remotely through a secured video or phone call.

Example of Telehealth used by Patient to Doctor

At Alanté, telemedicine and telehealth services ensure coordination between patients and their healthcare team. Telemedicine allows patients with limited mobility, limited time or transportation issues to take control of their health in the comfort of their own homes. This makes the patient/provider relationships stronger through cost-effective, convenient and accessible healthcare options. “Telemedicine allows us to be a steady constant in a patient’s life without them ever having to leave home, said Executive Director for Alanté Health and Primary Care Operations, Carrie Wheeler. According to the World Health Organization, the biggest components of a well-functioning health system are (1) leadership and governance, (2) health information systems, (3) health financing, (4) human resources for health, (5) essential medical products and technologies and (6) service delivery. Telemedicine positively impacts a well-functioning health system by providing care to significantly more patients with fewer time, accessibility and money limits. Due to COVID-19, virtual visits provide a safe way for patients to get the help they need without putting their health and others’ health at risk. Telemedicine is also a great platform for clinicians to monitor the health of their patients, saving time and still providing quality specialized care without any restrictions. Digital records and monitoring are extremely beneficial to providers and make their healthcare systems run even more smoothly. Benefits of Telemedicine for patients include easier access to a physician, services are more readily available for patients with limited mobility, time or transportation issues, improved communication, coordination and quality of life. Additionally, telemedicine provides more face time with a provider, with higher quality care and a reduction in healthcare additional costs. To learn more about telemedicine and telehealth services visit our the Alanté Website.

Important Visitor, Family & Patient Updates Regarding COVID-19