The spectrum of services offers empowerment for physicians and patients

How Alante Works

How Alante Works

Alanté™, a recently launched integrated virtual healthcare solution, wants to provide technical details on exactly how the company and technology work together to improve the physician/patient relationship.

Alanté’s technology offer includes:

  • Personal Health Record
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Palliative Care

To access the company’s portal, patients need access to the internet and a device capable of videoconferencing.

Patients coordinate with Alanté’s personal healthcare coordinators to control their own personal health record and portal. They can share it with others including caregivers, family members and providers. This is different from the standard medical records (more commonly known as EMRs) because it is housed and organized on a HIPAA-compliant platform, creating a complete, dynamic and up-to-date health record for patients to easily access. Data elements include personal and demographic information, allergies, medications, immunizations, care plans, diagnostic and treatment records.

“By providing all of the important tools, like a personal healthcare record, providers can essentially be able to provide hands-on care, virtually,” said Mark Hansen, Alanté CEO and founder.

“The spectrum of services for patients and physicians offers healthcare that can be delivered through a screen—especially valuable in, but not limited to, the current global pandemic.”

Alanté aims to create and adhere to a long-term, physician-driven care plan, with a collection of daily, weekly and monthly biometrics, while setting up and assisting with aspects such as physician appointments, social and psychological determinants, and patients’ medication reconciliation. Customizable patient care plans can result in improved convenience, access and timeliness of care, a closer relationship with a patient’s physician, improved self-management and healthcare literacy, reduction in costs, as well as peace of mind.

For physicians, this virtual healthcare solution can create efficiencies including more productive telemedicine visits, improved quality metrics, an expectation of reduced penalties, improved medical profiles for patients, as well as improved patient adherence to the physician’s care plan.

Alanté provides a longitudinal care management integrated virtual healthcare solution under a contract with physicians to assist in managing chronic care patients to help them thrive.

About Alanté

Alanté is an integrated virtual healthcare solution built to enrich the patient/physician relationship and experience. Alanté officially launched in 2021 as part of established operations that are centered on the administration and operation of inpatient, home and community-based healthcare services, with an overall goal of improving continuity of care while focusing on the best outcomes for all.

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