Healthcare evolves as iterations of technology become ever-present in day-to-day life

We have developed a more complete healthcare solution, partnering with the patient’s physician in the comfort of the patient’s home. Our technology allows for seamless communication among patients, providers and health systems, resulting in improved continuity of care for the patient.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has experienced major societal changes. Schools have transitioned to remote learning, and companies allow many of their employees to work from home. In a time of so many changes, it’s unsurprising that the technology used in healthcare has transformed as well.

Alanté® was not launched as a means to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, years of development culminated to benefit the most vulnerable populations in the face of a once-in-a- lifetime public health event.

Telehealth or telemedicine, prior to the pandemic, was only used when needed, and was limited due to geographic and provider restrictions. As face-to-face interactions became less feasible, use of telehealth has increased. Telehealth or telemedicine allows patients to connect with doctors safely and efficiently from their homes.

Virtual healthcare is seeing rapid shifts and improvements; however, where Alanté® triumphs is in longitudinal, integrated care coordination that places the patient experience above all, while also empowering and educating all involved parties.

Alanté®’s incorporation of the personal healthcare record encapsulates health events, diagnoses and care plans that give a healthcare provider the opportunity to see that the patient receives a better outcome. 

Healthcare Joining the Revolution

Healthcare is not unlike many other industries. As mentioned previously, fewer school textbooks are being printed, and schools are transitioning more and more to virtual instruction. The way the general public pays for services has changed, and wallets are thinner and more digital than ever before. Business meetings take place in airports, co-working spaces and kitchen tables. There is no reason healthcare visits can’t be conducted in the same manner to accommodate circumstances.

The healthcare provider’s time is more valuable than ever. Alanté®’s technology is recognition that the provider needs more—more time and more information in real time.

Processes that once had holes are now working seamlessly, technologies have been developed to assist virtual visits and medical staff are trained to support these visits.

Important Visitor, Family & Patient Updates Regarding COVID-19