A closer look at one of our most important assets and connectors

Alanté was developed to provide seamless communication between patients and doctors. No better role represents exactly what that means than the Alanté healthcare coordinator, a true navigator of a sometimes-daunting healthcare system.

The role of the healthcare coordinator is designed to serve the patient’s frontline needs, digitally. They serve as the interface, facilitator and coach for vulnerable populations, including seniors.

Once a patient’s healthcare provider has identified and enrolled said patient with the Alanté spectrum of services, they are assigned an individual healthcare coordinator (as well as backup coordinators) who are available to the patient around the clock, 24/7. The process of establishing trust and being an advocate begins. Yes, the coordinator helps patients get virtually in front of their doctor and helps maintain a detailed personal healthcare record. Their job is not confined to any box or job description. Coordinators can video chat or call by phone to address healthcare questions and concerns.

As a society, we often forget our seniors and patients dealing with chronic care management. Alanté’s core group of patients may have social determinants that make the call from a trusted ally a welcomed interaction. The technology can serve as an aid to those who may be dealing with some form of isolation, which, if not addressed, can lead to more medical issues.

Level of Trust

Healthcare coordinators establish one-on-one rapport and engagement with patients. They build a level of trust regarding the patient’s team of healthcare providers. Additionally, they can address issues and can secure resources that may not be identified in a traditional setting, e.g., logistical issues, food insecurities or a bridge to other services.

When a patient does not need to see their physician regularly, they are still in contact with their healthcare coordinator, who is always set to help them feel more comfortable navigating the coordination of your physician orders and healthcare plan across specialists, hospitals and other inpatient and outpatient settings.

Our company relies on the relationships established and the level of trust and empowerment our coordinators bring to the patients who are the most in need. They best represent what our company means to the individuals we serve.

Alanté healthcare coordinators represent a connection—a bridge—to the spectrum of medical services.

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