A healthier approach to healthcare.

Alante HomepageHealthcare industry leaders have yearned for evidence-based solutions that help advance patient outcomes while reducing the ever-increasing cost of healthcare for patients. It is a market need that speaks to a system that is complicated with no measurable continuity of care, integration or communication among healthcare providers creating unnecessary confusion, stress and anxiety for patients.

Telehealth and telemedicine have begun to shine light on how these systems and platforms can improve physician/patient communication, experience and outcomes. However, they still stop significantly short of delivering a fully integrated healthcare solution.

“Virtual healthcare” may be a new term to the world, but it is a term we live by. Increased communication through our systems and people will enhance the experience, care and outcomes for patients.

Alanté™ provides an integrated virtual healthcare solution in partnership with physicians. The patient experience and enhancing the physician/patient relationship is at the heart of this new endeavor. Our providers engage with patients through our simplistic technological interface, coordinated though Alanté’s healthcare coordinators.

We assist patients by removing the burden of collecting and maintaining health records, in accordance with HIPAA, and we will exchange their information with other healthcare providers as needed. Our coordinators will reconcile medication on behalf of all parties, and aim to aid in adhering to long-term, physician-driven care plans, while monitoring and managing patients’ appointments. We will also, as be needed, help monitor daily, weekly and monthly biometrics for patients to ensure no exacerbation in their medical condition to ensure a high quality of life.

patients have a better overall healthcare experience and outcome upon the incorporation of Alanté. Healthcare providers have more accessible to the most vulnerable. Patients have more literacy about their conditions, while developing trusting relationships with the providers and healthcare coordinators.

We believe we have engineered existing technology to create an evidence-based solution that will benefit our patients and physicians. Subsequently, the integration of this technology relieves the overwhelming strain placed on our larger healthcare systems by reducing avoidable hospital visits and admissions.

We can’t wait to launch … and help.

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