Chronic Care Management (CCM)

As part of our integrated healthcare solutions, Alanté® provides chronic care management (CCM) to enrich the lives of patients with continuing illnesses and conditions. Alanté® simplifies chronic care with increased convenience for providers and patients while reducing healthcare costs.

Through Alanté®’s system of personal health records (PHRs), we keep all patient medical information accurate and up to date. Through shared access to the PHR, everyone involved in the care process––patients, their families, their doctors, and their healthcare providers––communicate more efficiently, improving health outcomes for patients.

Chronic Care Management Provider Benefits

  • Improved provider/patient relationships
  • Greater convenience via telehealth visits
  • Better adherence to physician in-clinic visits
  • Decreased costs of care
  • Accurate billing for chronic care-related codes
  • Improved metrics for CMS reporting
  • Assistance in managing complex patients
  • Improved patient medical profile

Chronic Care Management Patient Benefits

  • Improved quality of life
  • Centralized healthcare records
  • Optimized communication between providers, patients, and families
  • Improved provider/patient relationships
  • More convenience for provider and patient
  • Higher quality patient-centered care
  • Reduction in healthcare costs

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