These days, telehealth is taking the healthcare world by storm. Many aging patients require virtual visits to manage their care safely. Group practice software for aging patients can transform your practice for the better.

Alanté’s® integrated healthcare solution offers many convenient, secure features to make life easier for both you and your patients.

The Link Between Virtual Medical Practices and Patient Satisfaction

In today’s world, it is essential to have well-functioning group practice software for aging patients. These are some of the most vulnerable patients who are also limited in what they can do outside of their homes, and so the best way to help these patients is to reach them where they are with powerful virtual medical care software.

Virtual medical practices are shaping the way that aging patients receive care. The satisfaction of aging patients’ care is increasing with the rise in telehealth visits and online patient portals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, video visits generated a patient satisfaction rate of 94.9% (compared to 92.5% otherwise)1.

So what does this mean for patient care now? It means that more medical practices must adopt virtual healthcare solutions and holistic healthcare software that benefit professionals and patients alike.

Group Practice Software for Aging Patients

If your brick-and-mortar group practice is ready to dive into electronic health records (EHR) software, telehealth, and more, you’re in the right place. Here’s what our integrated healthcare solution for providers and payors includes.

Chronic Illness Prevention and Management

First and foremost, we are dedicated to the health and wellness of aging patients. Our software empowers providers to meet the needs of this demographic by facilitating easier management of preventive plans and patient education. Our software’s patient portals are convenient and easy to use, allowing aging patients to access important health information anywhere.

The software also helps you improve patient outcomes by focusing on both chronic illness management and prevention.

Efficient and Convenient Clinical Documentation

Paperwork is a dreaded inconvenience for providers everywhere. We simplify the process by providing virtual HIPAA compliance with our convenient EHR software.

High-quality clinical documentation is essential for the smooth functioning of all medical practices. Our comprehensive electronic records system lets your group practice focus on what’s really important: patients.

Real-Time Updates on Patient Changes

Our software provides quick access to your patients’ conditions and improved coding and documentation. In addition, our solution offers remote patient monitoring (RPM) and up-to-date digital health records. This means you can monitor important patient changes without requiring in-office visits. In fact, most of the process is automated, alerting you only when something needs your attention.

With the real-time updates that our group practice software offers, you won’t miss a beat in providing comprehensive, effective care.

Better Communication with Patients

Your patients must feel supported, heard, and secure while in your care. This is possible with our software’s comprehensive practice management system, complete with patient portals.

Patient satisfaction comes from timely, appropriate communication with you — their providers. Our group practice software enhances the speed and reliability of your communication, allowing you to form stronger patient-provider relationships.

This also prevents dangerous condition changes from going undetected, along with our remote patient monitoring services.

The Effects of Our Software on Patient Hospital Admissions

Our professional providers have seen a significant reduction in hospital readmissions, emergency department visits, and unnecessary hospitalizations with our software.

Real-time monitoring and documentation allow patients to receive the care they need as soon as needed. Often, unnecessary hospitalizations can be costly for patients and providers — from a health and financial perspective.

Integrated healthcare systems that meet patients where they are — at home — reduce the occurrence of these hospitalizations.2 This also takes the burden off of your practice for transitional care, although we also offer transitional documentation and care regimens.

Benefit Your Practices with Improved Patient Compliance

Our software provides an integrated medical home care approach that improves patient compliance. As providers, you know that patient compliance drives patient satisfaction and positive health outcomes.

There are several reasons that our group practice software for aging patients can improve compliance, including:

  • Convenient access to health records
  • Telemedicine for the most vulnerable patients
  • Nurse practitioner support outside of your practice
  • Health and wellness patient education
  • Secure patient portals
  • Stronger patient-provider relationships

When your patients feel secure and safe in your care, they will have better outcomes. Alanté® Group Practice software helps with that. Not only does this increase patient satisfaction, but it also benefits your practice in the long run.

Choose Alanté® for Your Group Practice Software

At Alanté®, we offer a practice management system that supersedes the software options before us. We are dedicated to patient, provider, and payor satisfaction. Our thorough approach proves this time and again.

Contact us for more information about what we can do for your group practice!






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